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Jan. 23rd, 2005

Tommy did ring lance on the mobile telephone. "Lance, I need a partner! Come over, quickly!" "right away, massa!" replied the nigger.
Lance rang the doorbell 4 seconds later because he was living in the bushes outside tommys door. Tommy opened the door and they went inside. Then lance got a hardon and pulled out his hard penisdick. Tommy said "What are you doing!" Lance said "I thought you needed a partner! WELL HERE IS MY PENIS" Tommy said "I meant a partner... in SCIENCE! Let's go to the lab by way of the bedroom." 43 hours later they went into the lab. "Okay lance, here's the plan... I'M GOING TO KILL YOU," tommy stabs lance in the head with a knife "and try to reanimate your corpse!" Lance didn't say anything because he was dead. He fell onto his knees and then while he was kneeling his torso toppled forward so his head was on the tiles. Tommy took this opportunity to rape him in the ass for at least 10 minutes even though lances bowels had loosend due to death. Tommy pried out the knife with another knife then pulled that knife out using all his strength. He splattered brains and blood and shit all over the walls.

Tommy poured an electrolite solution into the cavity in lances skull. Then he pulled some brain meat out with tweesers and attached it to a big machine and electricity charged through the wires and made his brain jiggle. Tommy set up and intravenous drip and filled the bag with semen that he had been saving up. He inserted it into lances vein and watched as the semen entered his blood stream. He then cut a penis off one of the many frozen homeless people he had been saving and sewed it into lances chin. He hoped lance might not notice because he tried to find a hobo that was black so the skin matched. Lances mouth opened and foam started to spill out. Tommy stuck out his tounge onto lances brain because he thought it would be funny but he was electocuted and passed out. When he woke up LANCE WAS GONE. "What have I done! I have created a monster! And while I'm talking to myself I am going to bring up another, unrelated question: what happened to the lancecorpse?"

Then he saw a newspaper and the headline was "CHINPENIS NEGRO RAPES AND MURDERS A ENTIRE TOWN"

Tommy was sweating. He couldn't see anything behind the blindfold, but he knew he was sitting on a chair with his hands tied behind his back.
"How did i get here what is going on!"

"Happy birthday, Tommy!" Answered lance. "I did put chloroform on the condom I was using and it knocked you out. I arranged a special birthday suprise!"

"Does it include anal violation?"

"If by 'include' you mean 'consist entirely of', then then answer is a definate 'yes'."

"Just like last year!"

48 hours later, tommy and lance are lying in each others arms covered in shit and semen. "I don't think I've eaten anything for 2 days!" said lands. "I think you have, said tommy! "I NEED SOME FRIEND CHICKEN"

Tommy and lance get into a wingless dodo and sort of fly just above car level all the way to the fried chicken shop.

"Here we are at the store! Bombs away!"

tommy and lance jump out of the dodo and it crashes down the road into several cars and many people die in the explosion. Tommy and lance fall to the ground and sort of roll a bit and then get up like nothing happened. "I love the smell of cooked flesh in the morning!" "Tommy are you talking about the dead or the chicken" "BOTH"

On the way into the shop lance picks up a charred arm and chews on it because all niggers are cannibals. Tommy realises that they are both still naked and covered in seminal fluid and excrement. They are both sporting 10 foot erections that throb and glisten in the sunlight. The guy behind the counter trys to say "Hello sir what can i get you" but it comes out like "Mmm-oh mir mmt mn mm mmm moo" because tommys dick is so big that it is forcing his head back against the wall and tommy set it up so it entered his mouth. The guy behind the counter has no choice but to perform oral sex on tommy as he seductively thrusts his penis down the clerks throat.

"I WILL HAVE A DEEP THROAT MILKSHAKE, THANK YOU! AND BY THAT I MEAN "I HOPE YOU ENJOY SUCKING MY DICK! Because I am enjoying it. I will have some freedom fries and as payment I offer you *urgh* MY CUM IN YOUR MOUTH." Tommy withdraws after ejaculation.

"Offer accepted! Would the negroid like anything?"


Lance gra

Aug. 5th, 2004

Cassidy was sitting on a chair in his trailer. "I can't wait to see the Bloody Axes live! They are the best hard rock band." "I have a hard rock for you right here." said tommy, holding his cock in one hand, stroking it seductively. Cassidy looked at tomy and it was too much for him. He came right in Cassidys eye. "Oh, now I can't see!" "Then I have a suprise for you! Bend over." Because Tommy is such good friends with Cassidy he did what he said. A big dick went into his ass. "Oh, tommy" said cassidy. But it was lance. Cassidy hates lance because hes a nigger so tommy laughs. "Its not me it's lance!" "Heritage not hate!" Tommy bought a minigun from Cassidy and said goodbye to him. They stole a bike and drove to the airport. They rode out onto the runway and no body tried to stop them. "Hey lance let's practice our wheelies" said lance. They rode up and down the runway. "Oh no, a plane is coming!" "I'm coming too." Lance came all over tommys back and the big plane landed and went right through them. The sun went down and it was night time. "That's lucky! Let's go do something else fun." tommy said. "Hey tommy, remember that time the plane went through us?"

They drove and drove in a car around the city, seeing the sights and laughing it up. They picked up a prostitute. They all sat in seperate seats bouncing up and down. "This is fun!" said the prostitute. "Hey, prostitute. How much do we owe you?" "$100" she said. How about now? They bounced some more. She said $200. Lance said THAT IS TOO FUCKING MUCH PROSTITUTE and cut her nipple off. Then tommy grabbed her head and rammed it through the windshield. One of her eyes came out and landed on the road. She tried to scream but tommy cut her head off and opened her jaw and put his dick in her mouth. "Hey prostitute how much do I owe you now." Lance put his dick in her oesphogas. "Look tommy, this prostitute is good at deep throating!" he came into her lungs. Tommy cut open her back in two places and pulled her lungs out of the holes making her look like someone who's been killed and mutilated. Or a horrific parody of an angel. "I call this the "Tommy manouver"!" "Tommy that's hot. Will you marry me" Tommy and lance are ahead of their time. Lance put the nipple on his forehead and it stuck there because of the blood. Tommy laughed then ate it. Then they made out. Then they made love to the prostites corpse and tommy put the womans head on his head and pretended it was a fancy hat. "Look at me!" said tommy. Tommy cut off the prostitutes clittoris and kept it in his pocket as a sentimental token. "I will always remember this night of love."

They left the car and went down the street. People commented on tommys hat and how good it looked on him. Then tommy threw it through a window. Tommy and lance are having a grand time. "I have an idea, lance. Lie down in the gutter and put your penis on the curb." Lance does this. Tommy stands there and starts yelling "Who wants to gutter stomp the niggers cock? It will only cost you $5." Lance hears this and gets up and yells "What the fuck you fucking honkey kyke greaseball. Charge them $20." Okay lance. Who does want to do this!" Lance lays back down and a man comes up. "I will! Here is $20." He gets ready to stomp and tommy pushes him over. "Sorry, the offer has expired! But I will take your money."

Later that night tommy shot the moon with a sniper rifle.

WoW! Okay so I hope youl iked that one too. But I've got to go now my hot botherins' are done. Microwave, here I come!
I wrote more stories but here's the best one! Sorry I was away for so long, my parents computer was broken! But now it's fixed. Story!

Tommy is flying around Vice City in a helicopter looking for hidden packages. He has 43. Lance is giving him a hand job. "Hey tommy! Watch out, you're going to hit that building!" The helicopter hits the building and bounces away. "The Helicopter is smoking now!" says lance. "Yes!" Says tommy. Hey let's land on the road. They land the helicopter and some hatians come and shoots at them! "Lance, watch my six! And by six I mean LOOK OUT, HATIONS AT ONE O CLOCK!" "I hate hatians!" "Ha ha nice pun" "Hey all the hatians are dead." "Lance are you hatian?" "No! Let's go back to the mansion." "How many people do you think we've killed to get this far?" Tommy asked lance as they are driving away. But lance couldn't anser because tommys cock was in his mouth.

Later on, some policemen came to the door! "Hello sir! We would like to search your property because we have seen a white infernus drive here alot after many crimes were commited including murder and theft and sodomy. We have a warrant!"

Tommys says "Yes sir, come in and have a look around!" said tommy.

The police come in the mansion. You sure like beer and pizza!" says the policeman. "Do you want to check out the hedge maze?" The pilice man answered "Do i ever!"

They go out to the hedge maze and the policeman turns around a corner. "Hey, this is a dead end! Tommy? ... Tommy Vercetti!" There is no answer. Tommy isn't there! "Oh no, I'm lost in this hedge maze! I'd better try and find my way out. This is suspiscious! Tommy, where ever you are... you're a suspect! For suspiscion!"

The policeman heard a chainsaw! "Oh no, it's tommy hunting me with his chainsaw! In a HEDGE MAZE. With a chainsaw!"

Tommy loomed over the cowering policeman. "I wish I didn't surrender my gun at the door!"

First tommy jammed the running chainsaw in the policemans mouth, ripping open his face and sending blood and teeth all over the place. His tounge was reduced to a reddened stump. The policeman tried to scream but all he could do was spew blood. He felt the chainsaw slide down his throat and thought about the dick he was deep throating last night. That was the last thing he thought about. Then lance came to see what the all the noise was about.

"Whoa, tommy! You went crazy on his ass!" "I sure did!" "And I'm about to go crazy on your ass!"

Lance pushed tommy down and tommys face was pressed into the bloody pulp that was the policemans head. Lance penetraded tommys ass with such force that he couldn't help but open his mouth to scream and he got a mouthful of brain and dirt and some teeth. Tommy and lance are in love!


OMG! My friends all love that story!! I hope I can write again soon! BYE!
Okay here's my first story for this website (i've written in my school books alot though!!)

Tommy walked outside his mansion with his new suit and saw Lance standing near a white inferuns.

"Hi Tommy you're looking sharp in the new suit."

"Thanks Lance but I notice that you never change clothes."


"Hey let's go for a drive."

"Okay" said lance. They get into the Infernus and accelerate out the gate onto the main road of star fish island. Lance puts his hand on Tommys shoulder.

"Tommy, would you like to try a rusty brown ring doughnut with me?"

"Not right now lance! Ha ha! Let's paint the town red!" " OKAY tommy!!!"

They accelerate really fast and go up onto the sidewalk and hit someone and they die but no one seems to do much. Let's listen to some music said lance. They put on the radio.

"WHAT IS THIS SOME SHITS" says lance. "We never could agree on music could we!" Says tommy. Tommy likes different music than lance because lance is black and tommy is white. Also lance is a better dancer than tommy. "You know what else is different for blacks than whites!" Says lance. "Maybe later!" Tommy says.

"Hey let's buy some guns." Tommy and lance drive to AMMUNATION and buys a uzi. They do some drive bys along the street. "Hey tommy this is fun!" "Shut up, nigger!" "Ha ha" Tommy and lance are having a great time.

They get out and run down an alley because they attracted the attention of the police with all the shooting but it's just one star so they block off the alley with a car and run away.

"Hey lance let's hide here and wait for the police to just give up."

"Okay now they're gone let's go back to the car."

But the car was gone! "Oh man we must have run too far away from the car. I hate it when my shit just disappears like that." Tommy pulled out a sniper rifle and shot an old woman but no one really cared. They just sort of ran away but then people walked past her like normal.

"Well tommy that was fun let's go back to the mansion."

"Okay! I love being a gangster."

"Me too tommy but I spell it "Gangsta"."

"ha ha, because you're black!"

"That's right, lover!"

Tommy sticks his tounge in lances mouth. The end.

What did u guys think? I think tommy and lance would make such a cute couple^^;
Hi welcome to GTA FAN FICTION! This is the place to write your fan fiction stories about GTA and other kool games! But mostly GTA!!! I love GTA I think Tommy is so KaWaIi!!! ^_^ I might write cross-over stories too because I like the guy from GTA 3 (I <3 strong silent boiz) and I want to see him go on adventures with Tommy! Okay so anyone can join this community but I want people to write stories okay!! Thx guys! XOXOXOXO 6crrzygrrl9



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